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Welcome to [indosity], the urban planning platform

Intuitively design, evaluate and compare urban designs with [indosity]. [indosity] is a computer program that supports rapid modelling of new or re-modelling of existing development areas. Different planning scenarios can be established and analyzed including costs/ benefits in few hours of work. Detailled comparison capabilities allow the quantitative and visual comparison of each scenario. The key performance indicators used for the analysis are customizable and hence will allow you to precisely analyze the effects your are interested in. Whether for the return on investment (ROI) in business projects, for government strategic planning or for education - [indosity] proves the first step towards sustainable planning.

Rapid design and evaluation based on urban building blocks

[indosity] features:

  • Intuitive modelling in 2D and 3D (see the case study) with predefined urban modules
  • Automated business case calculation for real estate development
  • Visual inspection of space/ building coverage
  • Evaluation of key indicators in 2D and 3D maps
  • Comparison of plans/ scenarios
  • Customizable and predefined urban modules
  • Customizable and predefined indicators per module
  • Different hierarchy levels/ detail levels from building object to whole city quarters
  • 3D terrain model and photo-maps for realistic and easy modelling
  • Simulation of interdependencies and behavior (agents and cellular automata)
  • Real-time online collaboration of planning teams
Decision makers benefit of a standardized modelling of plans. Application specific indicators are quickly added. Key performance indicators as well as the visual representation of the planned area are inspected within a few mouse clicks. Comparing different ideas and their pros and cons in property management, sustainable planning and other areas was never easier!

Detailled scenario comparison for decision makers

Planning teams are enabled to draft models in on-line, real-time collaboration. Thus, the computer aided modelling process pools the expertise and ideas of all participants. The [indosity] model is established by working on the urban area on different computers simulataneously. Planning teams thus gain extrordinary efficiecy and creativity!

Efficient and creative modelling. With real-time collaboration in 2D and 3D

Lecturers in advanced studies use [indosity] to show the students the complex relationships in urban living areas. Simulation facilities allow for in depth studies – and advanced research projects. However, on the very simplest level of [indosity] even kids will understand the most important rules how cities work. Licensing models for all clientele are tailored to their needs – check out your options for licensing.