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markus Dr. Markus Zahnd B.Sc. M.Arch.

Architect and Urban Planner

He is the CEO of Urbanis Ltd, Switzerland. He leads the project and is responsible for ideas, review and marketing of [Indosity].

For more information about his work and background, have a look at Urbanis Ltd.


thomas Thomas Zwicker M.Sc./ Ing. ETH

Business development & strategy, technical- and sourcing manager

He is partner of Urbanis Ltd and tsquare ltd Switzerland. Thomas developed the major concepts of [indosity] and the architecture of the software framework and set up the initial version of the software with tsquare Switzerland and now manages the continuous development in Indonesia.

Thomas focuses on outsourcing activities in the software- and financial industries. He also provides consulting services in these areas.

For more information about him and his work, have a look at tsquare ltd.


daniel Daniel Adinugroho ST. MIT

He is the CEO of tsquare-indonesia who is specialized in outsourcing projects. His company is responsible for coding [Indosity]

For more information, have a look at tsquare indonesia


manuel Manuel Lehner, Dipl. Ing. FH

Marketing, Sales & Account Management, tsquare gmbh