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[Indosity] is an educational tool for learning/understanding basic dynamics of urban development

Urban building blocks illustrate simple and complex interdependencies


As the application can be used intuitively and without much knowledge of urban planning, therefore it's helpful for pupils in general educational settings. If kids know, how to play with LEGO-Bricks, they will also get to know how to play virtually with [Indosity] as the application is also based on modular 'brick'-system. But additional to playing with LEGO-Bricks, the 'bricks' in [Indosity] show some data what each of its 'brick' is all about. And as soon as the user starts to build his/her project, the application 'tells' him/her automatically at each step, what implication these steps have in his/her project (e.g. how many new families and kids are added into an area and the user may start to wonder where he/she should place a school for them).

[Indosity] supports general education:

  • making planning games (learning by doing)
  • developing a strategy of improvements
  • looking on impacts of certain actions
  • understanding different views (planning, physical, 2D, 3D)