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Establish and evaluate urban designs from city level to individual building level with [indosity]

Re-developments are quickly added to the masterplan and inspected in 2D and 3D

An important task of governmental planners and administrators it the creation of masterplans for whole regions, cities or city areas and a good way to evaluate the developments in reality accordingly. Furthermore there is a need to evaluate projects of investors and developers. There are various tools on the market, but as they are complex, time consuming and thus expensive, they are seldom used in this context. [Indosity] makes these tasks easier and faster. Achieve a new planning speed and quality by using predefined modellings that can be customized easily according to given contexts.

[Indosity] supports governmental planners and administrators:

  • Evaluation of alternative parameters/criteria in existing or new masterplans
  • Evaluation of new projects in relation to their environment
  • Simulation of new ideas for urban development