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[Indosity] is an urban modelling tool for scholars, teachers and students

Collaborative modelling and quick evaluation boosts learning & creativity

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The first intention of developing this software was to be used in educational settings as no appropriate tools for designing and evaluating urban projects within a wider educational context have been available. Urban Development is very complex as vast criteria/parameters of various professional fields relate to. Therefore even the most complex technical tools available for urban planning and development, there is none available that can deal integratively with all these complex and interrelated issues. The same is true for [Indosity] but as it allows very fast creation, simulation and evaluation within predefined modules that can be changed easily, therefore changes of many single criteria can be evaluated and compared. In this way students and scholars receive more objective picture of quantities and qualities from their case studies.

[Indosity] supports students, educators and scholars by:

  • Creating student projects on urban scales (from city to building levels) and criteria
  • Evaluating different student projects by same urban standards and objectives
  • Comparative (arithmetic and geometric) visualisation of case studies
  • Providing an open structured software to be specified for certain research projects
  • Giving a base for dissertations on various fields (computer simulation, urban dynamics etc)