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Speed up design and evaluation process in architecture and urban planning

Evaluation bases on urban key indicators compared on custom levels

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There are already many CAD-tools on the market and being used by planners and architects. So what is new or special that [Indosity] has to offer to planner and architects? [Indosity] combines the visual aspects with the planning aspects and is still easy to use. Thus, it offers solutions at the very early stage of creating and evaluating urban designs and plans.
At this early stage CAD-tools are too complex and expensive and thus usually aren't yet in use. Hence, decisions are done quite often intuitively by relating to personal expertise and experiences. [Indosity] in its intuitive usage supports this process of making first (and usually the most important and far reaching) decisions of moving on in designing urban projects.

[Indosity] boosts the planning process by:

  • Exploring and evaluating designs in fast and easy ways
  • Providing statistical data of projects without having to bother about calculating it
  • Comparing various case studies based on visual and statistic data

In order to achieve this quick planning and evaluation proccess, [indosity] makes use of predefined but customizable urban building blocks. Large building blocks for the planning of city areas as well as small blocks to model single buildings are available. The structure of [indosity] then also allows to insert/ remove quickly whole areas of cities in order to compare alternatives for planning decisions.

[Indosity] leverages city planning, area redevelopment and commercial architecture:

  • Ready-to-use for building projects, area re-development, urban planning
  • Customizable modules and statistical key indicators
    • For investment decisions
    • For traffic planning and simulation
    • etc